Update on 12 December

Hi everyone, just to let you know as soon as we are allowed  back to football, I will ring everyone with a car park space with an update.....

Stay safe everyone

Yeovil v Notts County 12 December

This was the first game when supporters can attend this season, until it was postponed owing to Covi-19 case at Yeovil.  Sharon writes:-

Hi, hope you are all well and staying safe.

Anyone I contacted about blue badge parking, you will be receiving a pass tomorrow some by post some hand delivered. I will ring each one of you sometime tomorrow, Friday 11th, to just give you a little update on where you will be parking.

Thanks love to you all


Player Sponsorship for Season 2020-2021

After a successful Crowdfunding project we are happy to state that we have sponsored Albi Skendi and Joe Quigley for this season