1. NAME


1.1              The name of the Association is the ˜Yeovil Town Football Club Disabled Supporters Association™ (DSA).




2.1              To represent disabled supporters of YTFC in their dealings with the club.

2.2              To assist in raising funds for the purpose of improving facilities for disabled people at Huish Park stadium.

2.3              To recommend and instigate measures to improve the matchday experience for disabled people at Huish Park stadium.

2.4              To encourage and organise travel to away matches by members.

2.5              To encourage and organise social events for members. 


     3.1              Members: Disabled supporters of YTFC. A disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment which has a                                    substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person'™s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Proof of                                  disability is required, e.g. a Blue Badge with serial number and name of issuing authority; or proof of receipt of Disability                    Living Allowance; or a copy of a doctor'™s letter. Members are entitled to attend and speak at meetings called by the                            Executive Committee and to vote in those meetings.

3.2              Membership fee is £10 per annum. 

3.3      Associate Members: Able bodied people who wish to give their support to the DSA. They would not qualify for any YTFC discounts that our disabled members qualify for, they would not qualify for a disabled parking space but would have voting rights at AGM/EGM meetings.

3.4      Associate Membership fee is £10 per annum. 



4.1              The DSA Committee shall comprise of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other members, to be elected by members of the DSA at the AGM. They will represent the DSA in all matters and make decisions on its behalf, including the appointment of sub-committees.

4.2              The term of office shall last until the next AGM, when one third of the members of the Committee, to be decided by ballot if necessary, shall stand down. These Committee members may stand for election together with any other candidates for the vacant positions.

4.3              In the event of any Committee member leaving their elected position prior to an AGM, the Committee shall appoint a temporary successor who will act until the next AGM, when that position will be the subject of a proper election by the members of the DSA.

4.4              Minutes of Committee meetings will be available to any member who requests a copy. 


      5. MEETINGS

5.1              The AGM will be held annually at an agreed date every May. All DSA members will be invited to attend.

5.2              The Secretary will be responsible for despatching the Calling Notice for the AGM at least 21 days prior to the meeting. A copy of the proposed Agenda is to accompany the Calling Notice.

5.3              Minutes of the AGM will be available to any member who requests a copy.

5.4              The Executive Committee can call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), as can any member, providing he/she has the written support of at least 5% of the other members; the written requests by all parties are to be sent to the Secretary who will convene an EGM at the earliest possible opportunity.

5.5              Executive Committee meetings are to be held at least once every second month or sooner, at the discretion of the officers. Sub-Committee meetings are to be held at the discretion of the members. 

      6. FINANCES


6.1              All funds raised by the Association will be lodged in a separate bank account in the full name of the Association, under the control of the Treasurer.

6.2              The Treasurer will provide a complete financial update at each meeting.

6.3              Funds may only be released from the account by direct reference to the Chairman or Secretary of the Association.


7.1              Yeovil Town Football Club will nominate a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) who will act as a direct link between the football club and the DSA. All communications between the DSA and the club should, in the first instance, be through the DLO in order to comply with the club'™s Customer Charter and policy on the Disabled Discrimination Act (1995).

7.2              Away travel: The DSA will encourage away travel by the hire of adapted vehicles to carry DSA members to away games, provided it is financially viable.

7.3              Amendments to the Constitution: Alterations to the Constitution may only be made at an AGM or EGM called for the purpose. Alterations can only be passed on a majority vote of members, present at the meeting.